I want to contribute to the society through the product-making with which the
home horticulturist and the horticultural farmer can be pleased.


@Our company extends to the present as a gardening tools special manufacturer after it
reorganizes into the company in 1961.

There is a Japanese original gardening culture when thinking about the gardening of Japan. The Japanese garden as the culture of Japan is it, the gardening culture develops more than the climate and the climate in Japan as "Seen garden", and it extends to the present.

On the other hand, the gardening culture of Europe and America plays in the garden, and
is included the shade of meaning said that it will make in a multi amount.

The style of the house changes into the garden in Japan along with the change of life to Europe and America and the garden is being changed from the seen garden into the garden where it plays there greatly.

The popularization of such a change ,that is, gardening is convinced to a ..hanging.. ..new product development of the tool of "Maintenance free".. professional horticulturist in the corporate philosophy at an advanced present age as for "Living with the flower and green" gThe Hallmark of Quality in Garden Tools." that I can satisfy it. I

There is a big advantage of saying with the cutlery of "Maintenance free" when Yani of the tree doesn't adhere easily, and sharpness continues. Sabi easily

The first lawn scissors of the fluorine processing were expanded for prune scissors, ..trim.. Hasami, and Nocogiri in Japan in 35 years ago after it had put it on the market, and trust was obtained widely from everybody.

It was ..fluorine processing of our company.. ..trim.. Hasami to get in the field of the
first gardening of the good design prize in Japan.

I think that the extension of the gardening scissors of "Maintenance free" runs to the
extension of the skirts of a mountain of gardening.

Cutlery that the more the extension of skirts of a mountain extends, the less
maintenance is might be pleased.

When it is scissors that cut well by "Maintenance free", the product of the cactus mark gets the evaluation also in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland that is the advanced region of gardening.

Our company homogenizes the product by going forward on the product making based on the new kind of thinking though the history of the Miki cutlery of a long tradition is succeeded to, and producing it consistently with the machine and the robot that develops originally, and is aiming at rationalizing.

I will promote development and the rationalization of a new product pursuing needs that
the customer requests further in the future and come.

The President and Representative Director@